I saw you in the streets of London,
don’t know
where exactly it was.
An early afternoon, a sunny day
in the spring of 1985
passing me by, my pageboy, while
I was turning pages:
Saw you
in that long red coat you
were wearing for The Face
I was riding on the Jubilee Line.
You fell ill
in September —
une fièvre continuelle.


I well knew I was walking
the streets of London
exactly with you.
we went to a masquerade ball
way back in 1920
on cobblestones pale grey
under a peppermint sky
vanilla veiling the sun
glasses, above us all.
a lady with a glitter cap
on her black pagegirl hair
pushed up her gloves
in front of us and
I became jealous
of her for half
a moment remembering
she would be your wife,
vanilla flavour
in this second life.

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Genre: Trauersymmetrie

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  1. Page girls are known for theire androgynous aesthetics .
    Life ist to short to stick with the same boring crop…
    Knowing the picture in your bedroom I think the hazelnut-page girl I like is wearing a white negligee… only.
    Please try it.

    Comment by Pixiegirl — 11. Januar 2017 @ 16:37

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